Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Time To Jet

Between barefoot security checks and the infamous shampoo ban, air travel is in sorry shape. But so far, no airline has offered much more than free drinks to put the class back in business class. Silverjet is reworking business class, from buying out a terminal in London to serving meals on real plates. Even Newark is getting a little more swank. (The airport, not the town; they aren't miracle workers.) Instead of waiting in a check-in line, just drift past the counters and over to the Silver Lounge. Attendants will handle the bags and tickets while you sit in the lounge, knock back a few and wait for them to bring you your ticket. Think of it as a pre-flight refueling. And if you are scared to fly alone, there's a Silver(jet)lining, book before July 30th and you can take a friend for free!

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