Monday, July 2, 2007

Clothes Minded

In simpler, pre-metrosexual times, getting dressed on the weekend was as easy as slipping on a Polo and jeans. Now, thanks to the late Cargo Magazine, you need to actually think about your weekend wear. Is this tee edgy enough? Dark green or light green shorts? Am I wearing too much H&M?

Relax, literally, with Distilled, a new menswear collection with a little West Coast edge. A leap beyond basic threads, Distilled infuses art with fashion. Each piece is a collaboration between founders Matty Merrill and Sep Kamvar, and rising artists. Look for unique materials and intricate details in every shirt, jacket and denim. Contributing architects, graphic and multi-media designers add something unexpected inside and out, whether it’s a hidden credit card pocket or a cutting edge illustration. The goods are also produced in limited runs of 300 which means you won’t look like the average Joe. Not that you would in this post-metro era.

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