Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Boys Night-Lab Out

Let me just say, I love the Night-Lab, and I love to boogie, but that's not my point!

I have just stumbled upon the very cool site Night-Lab and I feel compelled to share it with you. Night-Lab is Ryan Baudoin's online men's store focusing on design, concept, originality, and style. Being a former art magazine editor, Ryan hand picks independent artists products from all over the world to showcase on his site.

My favorites are the Bob Ross tee (pictured above), the Snap-A-Party, an all-in-one kit with a dinner plate, utensils, and chopsticks that snap out model-car-style, as well as the Backwards Clock that will be very useful if you ever need to turn back time.

Although Ryan has geared Night-Lab towards men, his friend Amy has plenty of finds geared towards women at Day-Lab. I guess men and women are as different as Night and Day!

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