Monday, July 30, 2007

Text Book

A Nokia 6630 has been used by Italian author Roberto Bernocco to write a 384 page novel as he commuted to work each day. Using the Nokia 6630’s T9 predictive typing system, Bernocco was able to type out his novel in around 17 weeks. He divided it into paragraphs which he then downloaded onto his computer. The book’s title is Compagni di Viaggo, which translates to “Fellow Travelers.” While Compagni di Viaggo is not exactly raking in the sales just yet, it is interesting to note that Bernocco tapped out his novel in perfect Italian. The novel is available for the very reasonable price of $17.38 or as an e-book for $2.47.


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Now that's something like it!

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At all is not present.