Friday, August 10, 2007

Too Pissed To Drive?

I'm not sure how much someone wants to play a video game while urinating, but a German company seems to think it may be the trick to reducing the number of drunk drivers on the road with their Piss-Screen systems. Here's the premise: A video driving game is displayed above the urinal. You control the car with your stream, urinating to the right moves the car right, peeing to the left moves the car to the left, and the speed is determined from the force of your stream (talk about your need for sPEEd). If you're too drunk to control the car, you crash and the game suggests you call a cab. The systems are popping up all over Frankfurt and are very popular so I wouldn't be surprised if we started seeing them here in the states very soon. The next time you've had to much to drink remember Urine control (sorry, I had to).

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