Friday, August 17, 2007

Hair Of The Dog

Fur the love of dogs, what will they think of next? As if the pet pampering trends weren’t ridiculous enough, a company in Florida has found its own niche in the market, selling pet wigs. With Wiggles wigs for dogs, you’ll never have to look at the fur your dog was born or comb and style its unruly mane. Now you can just shave its head and cover the bald zones with a ‘do of your choice. Sparky won’t even have to look like a Jack Russel anymore—with long, human-like hair, he can look like a four-legged Barbie doll. The company founder, Ruth Regina, is a well-known celebrity hair and makeup artist. When clients began asking if she would offer her services to their spoiled pooches, Regina realized she could make a business of it, and a successful one at that. I personally think this is the stupidist thing I have ever seen, but I am not a dog owner, so maybe I am barking up the wrong tree.

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