Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Hide & Seek

Today Big Brother is everywhere, on your TV screens, watching you walk down the street, photographing you as you drive your car, and checking via Google the internet sites you visit. It's no wonder people are feeling a little claustrophobic under all this scrutiny, and with Google logging your favorite sites, adverts target themselves to your page to make you spend your hard earned moolah. In a unsurprising backlash to this invasive electronic world, some clever bods have come up with Scroogle, the search engine that allows you to keep your searches a secret. Google keeps your search terms saved till 2038, but Scroogle promises to delete them after 48 hours, and also says it won't keep any cookies. It randomly generates an IP number every time you use it, and uses Google as the main database for its searches so you don't lose any info.

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