Friday, August 10, 2007

Come Hell or High (priced) Water

Fred apparently isn't just any old bottled water. Fred is a bottled water with a MySpace page, listing lots of friends and plenty of comments. Fred doesn't just have consumers – if you drink it, then you are a friend of Fred. In fact, you are a friend with benefits. Fred has a blog, much like any other, it's filled with up-to-the minute pop culture, like links to puppetshow re-enactments of the newest Harry Potter book on YouTube, as well as potential actors to replace the current cast of the Potter films. Fred sells t-shirts with taglines like "Fortified with irony." And, of course, there's the "Friends with benefits" version. While only available in New York and online, I wouldn't be surprised if Fred's unusual marketing campaign will gain him national attention.

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