Thursday, August 2, 2007

Suck My Bic

Clement Eloy, a young French designer with a great sense of play in his designs, has come up with a hilarious product prototype. The design concept is to create a flavored candy pen cap which Eloy calls “Suck My Bic”. The idea is very perceptive because it recognizes people’s tendency to suck on their pen caps. For instance, I grew up using Bic pens in school and I always ended up sucking and biting the pen cap when I’m concentrating on my writing. I would have much more enjoyed the flavor of cherry over plastic, so I think I would have bought the pen. The obvious drawback is that the cap, being a piece of candy, will only last for minutes. Whereas the pen itself will not run out of ink for weeks. If Eloy were to bring this product to the next level, he’d want to solve the problem of the everlasting candy pen cap, so it could last as long as the pen.

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