Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Jailhouse Frock

With the recent rash of DUI convictions, drug carrying and other lawless silliness, Hollywood’s starlets are showing a new side of their well-publicized wardrobes: courtroom chic. Wow! These ladies clean up real nice. I wouldn't be surprised if designers are fighting over what Lindsey will wear for her court dates. Leave to Hollywood to make courtrooms the new red carpet.

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mi_anameicallmyself said...

Nicole knows what she is doing... look at her, she looks like Audrey H or Jackie O' two beloved American Icons, how can the public think ill of her. She looks like a class act, a changed woman. The fact that she is preggers makes us to sympothize with her. Unlike Paris and Lindsay she isn't in denial she admits she messed up which is a HUGE plus for her. She told David Letterman she was ready to face the consequences...that's all the public wants to hear. The girl isn't dumb, she knows how to work the public.