Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Smoke Out

There are a lot of places people are prohibited from smoking these days. Trains, planes, elevators, restaurants, offices, and so on and so forth — the list is much shorter if you look at where you can smoke than where you can't. Crown7's electric cigarettes, according to the company, will let you ignore those no smoking signs. Coming in cigarettes, cigars and fancy pipes, Crown7's products use cartridges sold by the company to deliver you a little nicotine love absolutely anywhere you like. No fire, no offensive smoke — only harmless vapor. Good luck trying to explain that to the bouncer, though. The cigar is the cheapest at $65, the cigarette is $100 and the pipe's $150. You'll have to buy cartridges at $10 for five, but at least the devices use rechargeable batteries. Sure, a pack of smokes costs quite a bit these days, but really all it sounds like you're saving is the time it takes you to get outside. That is, if you really could get away with smoking one of these where you're not supposed to...

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