Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The Neck's Big Thing

Smart. Sexy. Stylish. Enough about me. Meet the newest collection of neckwear from Alexander Olch, Manhattan’s hottest tie maker. Olch started making ties a the grand ol’ age of 18. Inspiration was sourced from his preppy, Upper West Side high school, Collegiate School (the oldest independent school in the United States) and four years at Harvard. For his latest collection, Olch stitches classic good looks with unexpected details. Sure, each piece is handmade with only the finest fabrics (Superfine English Wool). But to set it apart from the competition, Olch introduces materials like soft corduroy, Belgian cashmere, and embellishments such as raised decorative stitching, and patterns just slightly larger than the norm. The result is a refined masterpiece that complements your power suit. Somewhere, Ralph Lauren (who started out as a tie designer) is smiling.

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