Friday, September 21, 2007

R S (He) P

ManVite is a new Guy's night invation for men service where guys can invite friends over to any occasion of their choice with a few simple clicks. ManVite lets you enter in all of your friends’ eMale addresses, choose an event such as "Drink Beer", "Pickup Basketball", "Hunting" or "Cougar" -- for the man as adroit at picking up mature women as he is bandying about outmoded bro-jargon and then send off the invitations. Once received, your buddies can respond to your 'vite with In/Out/MIA, enter their nickname (already accepted, or vainly hopeful) and tell you whether they thought your attempt passed muster or was "Not Manly: Sack Up and Redo It" which is a totally uncool thing to say, considering how much work you've put into it...

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