Monday, September 10, 2007

Drink To Your Health

MonaVie is a new berry elixir that's receiving rave reviews from Vogue, Oprah (so it must be amazing) and Playboy for its health benefits. I first heard of MonaVie on New York Magazine's Fashion Week Food Diaries piece. Now I hear Sumner Redstone, at his ripe-old age of 84, practically gets high on this stuff. Redstone is such a fan that he's shared his super-juice with friends such as Bill Clinton, celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck, and Michael Milken. MonaVie, available only online, is a nutritional drink that blends 19 fruits, including the rare Acai berry from the Amazon. It comes packaged in a sultry bottle. MonaVie's patented process preserves the acai berries' live enzymes packed with anti-oxidants and phytonutrients. MonaVie enthusiasts say the anti-oxidant rich juice offers better health and joint pain relief. For skeptics, if nothing else, it's a simple way to consume the USDA daily recommended servings of fruit. One bottle costs $39 to $45, depending on the variety. A box of 28 gel packs costs $90.

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