Thursday, October 11, 2007

Get "Sets" - Go!

Just in case shopping online looking at lots and lots of stuff you desperately want but can't afford isn't fun enough, I have news for you. A new application called Polyvore enables users to grab images from around the web (and any images others have uploaded) and create "sets" -- ensembles of individual items, arranged, for instance, to be a complete outfit. The sets can be viewed by others, commented on, rated, shared, embedded, etc. Clicking on any item brings up information about it and a link back to the original page on which it appeared. It's basically a social network for shoppers. And if a user buys shoes from a linked source, say, Amazon, Polyvore gets a revenue share. Also, the application can be used on Facebook, so everyone can see how cool your dream wardrobe is. (Your dream wardrobe that you can't ever really own, because it costs so damn much.)

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